Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

what the hecks going on ?

ok kids here is one that i think everyone one will like.
Indiana Jones !
i found my Indiana Jones coloring book about a week ago and i decided to scan these things in at a high resolution and share them with everyone. If you like you can print them out and and color them in ;)

so here is our hunky arrogant hero Indiana Jones on a quest to find the perfect find in a sea of worn out ruins and junk. he's looking pertty heroic with his whip right about now.

ahhhh he finally found the perfect prostitute amongst all of the other whores and hoes.
it looks like Indy is so hot that she is paying him for sex ...... yikes !

suddenly .... look out Indy !! Its the Taliban. they have come to take you prisoner and score on your prostitute.

oh no ! watch out indy !! that arab is getting you in a pile driver position !

Indy suddenly pulls out his whip and send s that arab back to mecca !

(go indy go ! )

nothing like having a nice hard brew with your monkey after killing a few arabs. keep an eye on that basket behind him.

because little dose indy know that there is a creepy ambiguously gay German Nazi in there with a german standard issued lugar waiting to strike !!

What will Indy do !!??!! will the nazi take out his full rage on our hero indiana jones ??
will more rag heads pop out and harass Indy just a little more ?
will monkey steal Indy's drink and beat off while he is occupied with the evil ambiguously gay nazi ?
will Indy do bush a solid and finally kick osamas ass ?

find out all this and more next week on Adventures ! with Indiana Jones

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

long time no blog

here is my triumphant return to the bligitty blog. I have nothing but pain and suffering to report in to the internets as of right now ......well not really all of it is pain ha ha .. probably non at all ?
so i think fascinating people of the internet will just have to use their imaginations. but then again no one cares. so off we go....

i had to work a hoot shift the other night. those are always no fun especially when you work at a sucky dock that dosent have any coffee machines. its just unheard of !! but yeah with my luck of course thats the one i get to work at. just as the alarm turned on i was turning off. i stumbled out of bed with no sleep at all and leave to work. i was at a stop light waiting for the light to change so i thought should change the cd in the cdplayer. i was in the middle of doing this and the light changes green for me. no one was behind me so i had no need to rush. i finished putting in the cd and was ready to accelerate when a big truck flies through the intersection. the light had been green for about 10 seconds which doesnt seem that long but it is when almost facing your grim death. if it wasnt my love for music to drive and scream your lungs out at 3am i think i would have been really hurt super bad.

i sat there in silence as i watched that truck run the red light and said fuck.

i always thought i would die at work if ever
damn i was lucky

so to cheer your kids up out there here is an amazing picture of our man stan lee and his prog rock band. enjoy