Friday, June 13, 2008

i just found this animated gif i made along time ago and thought i should share it with everyone


that is klaus running out the Wii box. it was so strange when he came out because wanted to go right back in. he just recently had a blatter problem but he is doing ok now :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

D-bags past and present

i hate it when people go to shows to see a band they arent even really into because they are usually all crowded around me talking about stupid shit or about their latest retro shit they scored for their house. this usually all happens while the band is playing a quiet song or trying to talk to the audience. this happened when i went to see jens lekman. i was really surprised to see how many high school kids were there to see him play. jens dosent really strike me as appealing to a crowd that young. most of them were chatting through the whole thing anyway.
its just my dumb luck but thankfully im trying not to give a fuck.

the best ever death metal band outta detroit

this is going to be very fun.

recent news has fallen into my lap and this just might be ok.