Monday, May 26, 2008

take it to the sunshine girl

ive been so tired these past few days not getting any sleep at all and yet when i do lay down to rest i cant fall asleep. i mull over in bed for a few hours and then finally fall asleep. bust.

porno girls please stop trying to add me as a myspace friend.
i really dislike you all.
thank you.


Monday, May 19, 2008

caspian's an ass

i really disliked the first chronicles of narnia movie becuase i thought it went way over the top to the point where it just seemed really cheesy and lame. the second one was a little better but i couldnt get over caspians bad acting. its bad enough that he looked like a white dude with a bad spray on tan but to ass insult to injury he had the worst spanish accent ever. EVER !!!

eddie izzard was kind of enjoyable as the voice of reepicheep.
here is some concept art to give you a better idea of eddies part.
even better watch an eddie izzard dvd and just imagine a little mouse talking about bees

after having seeing a bad caspian performance and then seeing eddie izzard as an animated swashbuclking mouse it really made me wish i was watching a movie on the red wall books.

i still havent seen iron man yet :(

a pre pubecent and life was good

The other day a semi-official looking document arrived in the mail that was addressed to me.

it was from a lawyer concerning some lawsuit with the department store target. i had no idea why they would be sending this to me now. i hadnt worked there in year. i worked there for the winter season right after i graduated from high school. that job was the most unrewarding and shitting job ever.

the lawsuit that was being taken against target was for lost sick days or something along those lines.

this lady was refused the right to use her paid vacation days and wanted to be compinsated for it. i guess they were spreading the love to other target employees who felt the same pain.

like i said i only worked there for 3 months a really really long time ago.

i was kinda interested in how much money i would have gotten from this lawsuit if i had actually taken the time to sign the little peice of paper and post it in the mail.

well luck for me that they state this at the end of the letter.

here it is for some kinda of odd enjoyment.

maybe i should sign the paper and wait for the 5 dollar bill to arrive in the mail.
ill keep you updated.