Friday, August 22, 2008

breakfast of champions

here is an excerp from Kurt Vonneguts book Breakfast of Champions.

"Any kids?"
"One," said Trout. Somewhere in the past, tumbling among all the wives and stories
lost in the mails was a son named Leo. "He's a man now," said Trout.

Leo left home forever at the age of fourteen. He lied about his age, and he joined the marines. He sent a note to his father from boot camp. It said this: "I pity you. You've crawled up your own asshole and died."

That was the last time Trout heard from Leo, directly or indirectly, until he was visited by two agents from the Federal Bureal of Investigation. Leo has deserted from his division in Viet Nam, they said. He had commited high treason. He had joined the Viet cong.

Here was the F.B.I. evaluation of Leo's situation on the planet at this time: "Your boy's in bad trouble," they said.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

im kinda like a ghost

after all that ive done to help her im still feeling like shit. its kinda like what she did for my sister.
maybe she will think of me while she's partying with all the friends that i opened the door too.
dont be so ignorant, you couldnt do it alone.

this is how i feel right now

Friday, June 13, 2008

i just found this animated gif i made along time ago and thought i should share it with everyone


that is klaus running out the Wii box. it was so strange when he came out because wanted to go right back in. he just recently had a blatter problem but he is doing ok now :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

D-bags past and present

i hate it when people go to shows to see a band they arent even really into because they are usually all crowded around me talking about stupid shit or about their latest retro shit they scored for their house. this usually all happens while the band is playing a quiet song or trying to talk to the audience. this happened when i went to see jens lekman. i was really surprised to see how many high school kids were there to see him play. jens dosent really strike me as appealing to a crowd that young. most of them were chatting through the whole thing anyway.
its just my dumb luck but thankfully im trying not to give a fuck.

the best ever death metal band outta detroit

this is going to be very fun.

recent news has fallen into my lap and this just might be ok.

Monday, May 26, 2008

take it to the sunshine girl

ive been so tired these past few days not getting any sleep at all and yet when i do lay down to rest i cant fall asleep. i mull over in bed for a few hours and then finally fall asleep. bust.

porno girls please stop trying to add me as a myspace friend.
i really dislike you all.
thank you.


Monday, May 19, 2008

caspian's an ass

i really disliked the first chronicles of narnia movie becuase i thought it went way over the top to the point where it just seemed really cheesy and lame. the second one was a little better but i couldnt get over caspians bad acting. its bad enough that he looked like a white dude with a bad spray on tan but to ass insult to injury he had the worst spanish accent ever. EVER !!!

eddie izzard was kind of enjoyable as the voice of reepicheep.
here is some concept art to give you a better idea of eddies part.
even better watch an eddie izzard dvd and just imagine a little mouse talking about bees

after having seeing a bad caspian performance and then seeing eddie izzard as an animated swashbuclking mouse it really made me wish i was watching a movie on the red wall books.

i still havent seen iron man yet :(

a pre pubecent and life was good

The other day a semi-official looking document arrived in the mail that was addressed to me.

it was from a lawyer concerning some lawsuit with the department store target. i had no idea why they would be sending this to me now. i hadnt worked there in year. i worked there for the winter season right after i graduated from high school. that job was the most unrewarding and shitting job ever.

the lawsuit that was being taken against target was for lost sick days or something along those lines.

this lady was refused the right to use her paid vacation days and wanted to be compinsated for it. i guess they were spreading the love to other target employees who felt the same pain.

like i said i only worked there for 3 months a really really long time ago.

i was kinda interested in how much money i would have gotten from this lawsuit if i had actually taken the time to sign the little peice of paper and post it in the mail.

well luck for me that they state this at the end of the letter.

here it is for some kinda of odd enjoyment.

maybe i should sign the paper and wait for the 5 dollar bill to arrive in the mail.
ill keep you updated.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

telepathic helper monkey slasher flick

today i watched this relatively old steven king movie called " Monkey Shines".  
as a kid i would see the poster for this movie at my shitty local neighborhood video store every friday when my parents would rent them for the weekend. that poster fascinated me so much to what that movie could possibly be about but i never even thought about renting it. not that i was afraid   because it looked crazy and demonic, i liked a lot of horror at a young age. maybe i never watched it because i knew deep down inside  that me watching this movie would take away my fascination of this poster. 
i turned 12.
my family moved to a new town.
i forgot all about the movie poster in the mix of moving, depression, and learning music.

16 years later i find it on netflix and add it to the top of my que.

let me tell you that this movie is amazing.
what the hell was i thinking ? ... i should have watched this movie years ago! 

here are the movie posters 

this movie is about this guy who gets hit by a car and becomes paralyzed from this tragic accident. his friend ,who is a scientist, donates one of his lab monkeys to be trained as a helper monkey for his cripple friend. the scientist dosent know that the experiments he was performing on the money worked. as a result the monkey is super smart and falls in love with her cripple master. they somehow form a telepathic bond with each other and the monkey takes care of all the day to day obstacles in his life  such dialing the phone, setting a cheating girlfriend on fire, or slicing an annoying lady up with a straight razor.

after seeing this movie i instantly wanted my own helper monkey but sadly i have neither the funds or the time for one so i think ill settle for the next best thing ... a monkey that smokes tiny cigarettes.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


for the longest time ive put off reading the watchmen graphic novel. i dont know what it was about the book that just kinda turned me off but after reading swamp thing by alan moore i thought what the hell ill give it a go. well that and i really didnt have anything else to read at the time.
the first book blew me away and by the time i finished it i was so mad at myself for putting this book off for so long. after a bunch a internet research i found out that terry gilliam wanted to do the movie but it was canned. i was heart broken. a few weeks ago i my heart was pieced back togeather when i read on some comic blog that the movie was going to mad in full force ! not just rumors but facts with cold hard pictures to drool over !
if you havent read it yet you must read it soon.

here are some pics of the costumes from some of the watchmen

i really wanted to see what Dr. Manhattan is going to look like. i hope he isnt CG :/
i think that would suck hard

ok blogger
singing out .....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

never take a mark

Last week Dave Stevens passed away due to a long battle with Leukemia at the age of 54.
ive admired his art work since i was a kid and loved the rocketeer though ive never actually bothered to pick up an actual issue . i guess ill have to make a trip to the comic book store soon.
well in honor of dave stevens i colored some of his work. i just wanted to fool around in photoshop actually and thought this would be a good excuse to color the rocketeer. i tried to color them sorta like the way french artist moebius's stuff is usually colored. sorta like water colors but not really.
its the slight in between that makes it interesting and leaves you feeling fresh without being caught up in style. i donno.

didnt captain britain die of leukemia ?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

good old fashion matalic taste just like mom used to make

at the post office:

the line was backed up at a point were it wasnt that bad but you know lines are quite unfortunate sometimes. i was stuck there at the end of the que waiting for my turn to come around and i see this little girl at the front of the line waiting with her dad. hes holding her hand and i think to myself what a good dad. this world today stagers with people who let their kids run loose acting like asshole and seeing this dad holding his daughters hand was very refreshing. she was really small and kinda board i guess. her dad kinda wansnt paying any attention to her but was still holding her hand and kinda kept pulling her arm because she was pulling closer to this pole that held up this table. she pulled closer and closer to this pole and slowly started to stick out her tongue. i thought to myself OMIGOSH ! ... and then i started to root for her to win this game of tug of war. her dad kept pulling her back not really knowing of her intentions to lick this table pole for what seemed to be no apparent reason. i know little kids put object in their mouths all the time but the determination in her eyes left me puzzled to why she wanted to do this in the first place. there was nothing that looked interesting, delicious or tasty. besides she looked old enough to know that scummy table legs are edible and do not taste very well.

after a short game of tug of war she finally won. she grabbed that pole and licked it.
it was so gross ! honestly with wasnt a very clean table leg.

Monday, March 10, 2008

the pirates life for me

im in the process of growing an old timey mustache kinda like billy childish, if any of you kids out there know what that looks like. accessories that accompany an old timey mustache ? well monicals, bowler hats, suspenders. i dont really like bowler hats and for some reason i keep thinking that of long johns with accompanying butt flap. those kinda seem right on but not very attractive, plus i live in California where its hot even during the winter season.

these are comforting, impressive, and scary
ive never really felt this way in a separation before.

as of lately:
it started off like this

then there was the part where i pulled myself up from feeling like a sorry sack.

currently i just create weird odd scenarios that kinda dont have any meaning except to entertain myself. these are either in words or drawings. its more of a meditation.
a guy can dream, cant he ?

maybe one day

maybe im not distracted enough ? it still stings but im working stuff out in my head.
its coming along slowly but itll get there sooner then later.

ive never really felt this way in a separation before.
i usually have no regrets or remorse. even tho i pulled the trigger i hurt so much.
i knew something had to change but what that change was so far out of my sight.
i dont know.
it so hard

Sunday, March 2, 2008

my heroine pretend

kinda of a long weekend.
it seemed way longer then it actually was.
so tum it all up
-old hippies smoking weed in my living room at 8:30 am
-finished reading persepolis
-bought a singing saw
- watched th enew michele gondry movie be kind rewind
-hot rodding the omnibus
-singing cowboy songs
-listening to fog horns in the morning

i have soooo much reading that i have to do. i need to roll up to the park in the omnibus, slide open the side door and read for a good half a day. that and play some video games. in the process of buying a button machine and making buttons, also i i have a few prints to silk screen onto shirts but the lack of motivation is kinda keeping these functions from happening. ill probably end up playing music for the time being. who knows im sure it will all get done eventually in a timely manner.

i think this is my favorite picture of laura and klaus

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

popular mechanics for broken hearts

i get back from the road trip realizing that i dont have any pictures of the incredible omnibus.
i decided to take one the next day right before i wash it up.i decided to use this accordion style polaroid camera thinking that its shady enough there wont be many light leaks into the camera.
my mistake.
if you look at the picture below you can tell that i underestimated the film in this camera.
remember when marty mcfly travels through time in back to the future ?
thats what my bus looks like in that picture.

faster !! we have to reach 88 !!

click to enlarge and witness the omnibus tear ass through time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

R.I.P pipi


yesterday my cockatoo pipi died of respiratory failure due to complications with her antibiotics she was taking for her yeast infection. pipi's death came so suddenly. she seemed be doing good despite the feather loss and the plastic cone around her neck to keep her from spreading the yeast infection.

pipi was everything to my family. she was my moms baby. she was an alarm for when someone was at the front door. she was a mentor for a little blue budgie named arturo. she taught him all her whistles and more.

pipi will be missed greatly

here is pipi whistling her favorite Tchaicovsky song 1812 Overture while she gets tea bagged by her favorite blanket buddy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

im always feeling like mr. inbetween

i recall at the end of it all you were on your knees and i was standing tall. but is my memory deceiving me? was i hanging there while you prayed for me? remember how when the show was done, we were dancing and singing and having some fun, then i heard you speak, your voice was bleak--- "what we forget we must repeat." r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r, r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r. i remember the tricks of the trade, who got left behind and who made the grade, and i don't need the pages of some master plan to tell me what to do or tell me who i am. but when all is said and all is done, under the yellow glow of a setting sun, it really doesn't matter what you have done, you are blind and deaf and dumb. r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r, r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r. i remember an endless space and the tolling bells of some holy place. is it a dream that comes back to me or a memory that i can barely see? not the voices that haunt my mind of the friends and lovers i have left behind. what i see, what comes back to me, is a place i cannot find.


some of you maybe not know one of the greatest games in the world other then D&D is a little game called mastermind. its a game of chance, adventure, spite, and glory. If you are color blind please dont even attempt to play.

The objective is simply to find the correct sequence of colors that the other player has layed out behind the gray wall of doom. Its super fun and challenging. This game is great but if you are like me and have lame friends that just want to play video games then it might be hard to find another player.

The solution to this problem is easy.
electronic mastermind !

i picked this up at the local thrift store the other day. i was kinda surprised to find this but im kinda sad to say its not as fun as the analog mastermind. i bought it mainly for the rad cover of the box it came in.

im guessing that is the distinguished mastermind looking smart in his suit who is accompanied by his sexy mod Asian female concubine. i think that picture is worth at least 6 bucks.
tho unhappy with the game itself i think im going to get rid of it. i recently seen two on ebay going for a buy it not price of 70 bucks. Is this games really worth that much ? or are those sellers just douche bags ? only mr. own knows :/
if anyone wants it just ask.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

what the hecks going on ?

ok kids here is one that i think everyone one will like.
Indiana Jones !
i found my Indiana Jones coloring book about a week ago and i decided to scan these things in at a high resolution and share them with everyone. If you like you can print them out and and color them in ;)

so here is our hunky arrogant hero Indiana Jones on a quest to find the perfect find in a sea of worn out ruins and junk. he's looking pertty heroic with his whip right about now.

ahhhh he finally found the perfect prostitute amongst all of the other whores and hoes.
it looks like Indy is so hot that she is paying him for sex ...... yikes !

suddenly .... look out Indy !! Its the Taliban. they have come to take you prisoner and score on your prostitute.

oh no ! watch out indy !! that arab is getting you in a pile driver position !

Indy suddenly pulls out his whip and send s that arab back to mecca !

(go indy go ! )

nothing like having a nice hard brew with your monkey after killing a few arabs. keep an eye on that basket behind him.

because little dose indy know that there is a creepy ambiguously gay German Nazi in there with a german standard issued lugar waiting to strike !!

What will Indy do !!??!! will the nazi take out his full rage on our hero indiana jones ??
will more rag heads pop out and harass Indy just a little more ?
will monkey steal Indy's drink and beat off while he is occupied with the evil ambiguously gay nazi ?
will Indy do bush a solid and finally kick osamas ass ?

find out all this and more next week on Adventures ! with Indiana Jones

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

long time no blog

here is my triumphant return to the bligitty blog. I have nothing but pain and suffering to report in to the internets as of right now ......well not really all of it is pain ha ha .. probably non at all ?
so i think fascinating people of the internet will just have to use their imaginations. but then again no one cares. so off we go....

i had to work a hoot shift the other night. those are always no fun especially when you work at a sucky dock that dosent have any coffee machines. its just unheard of !! but yeah with my luck of course thats the one i get to work at. just as the alarm turned on i was turning off. i stumbled out of bed with no sleep at all and leave to work. i was at a stop light waiting for the light to change so i thought should change the cd in the cdplayer. i was in the middle of doing this and the light changes green for me. no one was behind me so i had no need to rush. i finished putting in the cd and was ready to accelerate when a big truck flies through the intersection. the light had been green for about 10 seconds which doesnt seem that long but it is when almost facing your grim death. if it wasnt my love for music to drive and scream your lungs out at 3am i think i would have been really hurt super bad.

i sat there in silence as i watched that truck run the red light and said fuck.

i always thought i would die at work if ever
damn i was lucky

so to cheer your kids up out there here is an amazing picture of our man stan lee and his prog rock band. enjoy