Monday, October 29, 2007


the sun runs down like honey.
the moon pours out like mercury.
the stars fall down like money
and you come back to me.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

ive seen it all, i dont want to see anymore

ok so last post i talked about this shooting at this thrift store in Long beach that happened while i was getting ready to leave the parking lot. i was really close and to show you how close i was i actually found a picture in the new paper.

yeah another close shave for me :/
ok i think i got that story out of my system.
my niece visited today with her brother to watch a movie with her nana and tata. she came in holding a guitar and strummed two chords for me. she was so proud of her Em chord,so i showed her a C and G chord.The guitar is a little big for her but shes so good already. im so proud of her.

In other music news, the black lips are coming to LA for two or three shows. I hope i can make it to at least one. Everyone should go see them play!

ok kinda tired so ill kinda wrap up this post on an odd lighter note.
this guy bit a decapitated head he found in a paper bag next to some garbage.
i think this picture is big enough to read the caption so read it because its hilarious.

Monday, October 8, 2007

my rowdy rabbit is a pansy

A few weeks ago i was at this goodwill thrift store on the not so good part of long beach looking for records. Usually those ones have all the best records but sadly on this day i didnt find anything worth buying. I was in my car getting ready to leave the tiny parking lot of this thrift store when i heard a sound kinda like a fire cracker but then i hear 6 more of the same sound rapidly one after the other. After hearing this noise after the 3rd time i realized that these were gun shots. After all the shots had been fired swat cops pured out of everywhere.

After all the craziness stopped i drove off before other cops started to show up and direct traffic away from the shooting. I was parked quite close to where the shooting happened. Thankfully there was a giant truck that was blocking my view of everything that went on because i was really close. I mean really close.I would say maybe 20 feet away. Think about how far it is to cross the street and thats how far i was away from all this if not closer.

i was reading the paper a few days after this and i found out the whole reason for the shooting.
ill post more on that when i scan in the newspaper clipping.

here are some digital inkings i did of some john k. sketches.
i was trying to work on my line quality. Its a lot harder to do with a wacom tablet.

This is an inking of Preston Blair's woody. I think this one came out the best, line wise.

i bought the Preston Blair "Cartoon Animation" book the other day. I was looking at one character it teaches to you to draw and his name is rowdy rabbit. He has his arms up looking like hes ready to box someones ears off but he is smiling like mickey mouse. He dosent look rowdy at all. I later looked at ASIFA's scans of the first edition and the same rabbit actually looks like he will kick your ass.

I feel jipped !