Tuesday, April 29, 2008

telepathic helper monkey slasher flick

today i watched this relatively old steven king movie called " Monkey Shines".  
as a kid i would see the poster for this movie at my shitty local neighborhood video store every friday when my parents would rent them for the weekend. that poster fascinated me so much to what that movie could possibly be about but i never even thought about renting it. not that i was afraid   because it looked crazy and demonic, i liked a lot of horror at a young age. maybe i never watched it because i knew deep down inside  that me watching this movie would take away my fascination of this poster. 
i turned 12.
my family moved to a new town.
i forgot all about the movie poster in the mix of moving, depression, and learning music.

16 years later i find it on netflix and add it to the top of my que.

let me tell you that this movie is amazing.
what the hell was i thinking ? ... i should have watched this movie years ago! 

here are the movie posters 

this movie is about this guy who gets hit by a car and becomes paralyzed from this tragic accident. his friend ,who is a scientist, donates one of his lab monkeys to be trained as a helper monkey for his cripple friend. the scientist dosent know that the experiments he was performing on the money worked. as a result the monkey is super smart and falls in love with her cripple master. they somehow form a telepathic bond with each other and the monkey takes care of all the day to day obstacles in his life  such dialing the phone, setting a cheating girlfriend on fire, or slicing an annoying lady up with a straight razor.

after seeing this movie i instantly wanted my own helper monkey but sadly i have neither the funds or the time for one so i think ill settle for the next best thing ... a monkey that smokes tiny cigarettes.