Monday, February 18, 2008


some of you maybe not know one of the greatest games in the world other then D&D is a little game called mastermind. its a game of chance, adventure, spite, and glory. If you are color blind please dont even attempt to play.

The objective is simply to find the correct sequence of colors that the other player has layed out behind the gray wall of doom. Its super fun and challenging. This game is great but if you are like me and have lame friends that just want to play video games then it might be hard to find another player.

The solution to this problem is easy.
electronic mastermind !

i picked this up at the local thrift store the other day. i was kinda surprised to find this but im kinda sad to say its not as fun as the analog mastermind. i bought it mainly for the rad cover of the box it came in.

im guessing that is the distinguished mastermind looking smart in his suit who is accompanied by his sexy mod Asian female concubine. i think that picture is worth at least 6 bucks.
tho unhappy with the game itself i think im going to get rid of it. i recently seen two on ebay going for a buy it not price of 70 bucks. Is this games really worth that much ? or are those sellers just douche bags ? only mr. own knows :/
if anyone wants it just ask.

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