Monday, May 19, 2008

caspian's an ass

i really disliked the first chronicles of narnia movie becuase i thought it went way over the top to the point where it just seemed really cheesy and lame. the second one was a little better but i couldnt get over caspians bad acting. its bad enough that he looked like a white dude with a bad spray on tan but to ass insult to injury he had the worst spanish accent ever. EVER !!!

eddie izzard was kind of enjoyable as the voice of reepicheep.
here is some concept art to give you a better idea of eddies part.
even better watch an eddie izzard dvd and just imagine a little mouse talking about bees

after having seeing a bad caspian performance and then seeing eddie izzard as an animated swashbuclking mouse it really made me wish i was watching a movie on the red wall books.

i still havent seen iron man yet :(

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