Monday, May 26, 2008

take it to the sunshine girl

ive been so tired these past few days not getting any sleep at all and yet when i do lay down to rest i cant fall asleep. i mull over in bed for a few hours and then finally fall asleep. bust.

porno girls please stop trying to add me as a myspace friend.
i really dislike you all.
thank you.



Sunshine Abby said...

porno girls? haha

You know, porno looking girls always try to add guys on myspace
i think it's cos they wanna be like tila tequila or something

Sunshine Abby said...

jigga whaattt!?!

you live in san pedro!
how can you even say that?
It's not just mexican food
It's good mexican food.

You would not believe the nasty crap that they call food here.
Actually you might.

Sunshine Abby said...

Yeah, basically everything with caffeine or with too much sugar is watered down or iono, "fixed".

I don't think I've had anything edible that could slowly rot my inside in a while.
It's a bit sad really.