Tuesday, March 11, 2008

good old fashion matalic taste just like mom used to make

at the post office:

the line was backed up at a point were it wasnt that bad but you know lines are quite unfortunate sometimes. i was stuck there at the end of the que waiting for my turn to come around and i see this little girl at the front of the line waiting with her dad. hes holding her hand and i think to myself what a good dad. this world today stagers with people who let their kids run loose acting like asshole and seeing this dad holding his daughters hand was very refreshing. she was really small and kinda board i guess. her dad kinda wansnt paying any attention to her but was still holding her hand and kinda kept pulling her arm because she was pulling closer to this pole that held up this table. she pulled closer and closer to this pole and slowly started to stick out her tongue. i thought to myself OMIGOSH ! ... and then i started to root for her to win this game of tug of war. her dad kept pulling her back not really knowing of her intentions to lick this table pole for what seemed to be no apparent reason. i know little kids put object in their mouths all the time but the determination in her eyes left me puzzled to why she wanted to do this in the first place. there was nothing that looked interesting, delicious or tasty. besides she looked old enough to know that scummy table legs are edible and do not taste very well.

after a short game of tug of war she finally won. she grabbed that pole and licked it.
it was so gross ! honestly with wasnt a very clean table leg.

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