Wednesday, March 26, 2008


for the longest time ive put off reading the watchmen graphic novel. i dont know what it was about the book that just kinda turned me off but after reading swamp thing by alan moore i thought what the hell ill give it a go. well that and i really didnt have anything else to read at the time.
the first book blew me away and by the time i finished it i was so mad at myself for putting this book off for so long. after a bunch a internet research i found out that terry gilliam wanted to do the movie but it was canned. i was heart broken. a few weeks ago i my heart was pieced back togeather when i read on some comic blog that the movie was going to mad in full force ! not just rumors but facts with cold hard pictures to drool over !
if you havent read it yet you must read it soon.

here are some pics of the costumes from some of the watchmen

i really wanted to see what Dr. Manhattan is going to look like. i hope he isnt CG :/
i think that would suck hard

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Hryma said...

Howdy Leo,
Thanks for liking my pencil toppers, Sody's on my blog now for you looking.

I hope he isn't CG also.