Monday, March 10, 2008

the pirates life for me

im in the process of growing an old timey mustache kinda like billy childish, if any of you kids out there know what that looks like. accessories that accompany an old timey mustache ? well monicals, bowler hats, suspenders. i dont really like bowler hats and for some reason i keep thinking that of long johns with accompanying butt flap. those kinda seem right on but not very attractive, plus i live in California where its hot even during the winter season.

these are comforting, impressive, and scary
ive never really felt this way in a separation before.

as of lately:
it started off like this

then there was the part where i pulled myself up from feeling like a sorry sack.

currently i just create weird odd scenarios that kinda dont have any meaning except to entertain myself. these are either in words or drawings. its more of a meditation.
a guy can dream, cant he ?

maybe one day

maybe im not distracted enough ? it still stings but im working stuff out in my head.
its coming along slowly but itll get there sooner then later.

ive never really felt this way in a separation before.
i usually have no regrets or remorse. even tho i pulled the trigger i hurt so much.
i knew something had to change but what that change was so far out of my sight.
i dont know.
it so hard

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